2023 EAIE Community Summit: Thriving in complexity

2023 EAIE Community Summit: Thriving in complexity

In our work as international educators, complexity is all around. The social, economic, political and environmental changes facing our communities and countries are interlocking and ever-changing. During this year's Community Summit, we invite you to explore the challenges and opportunities we face from three angles: leading, learning and living through complexity. Come together with your community to discuss these dynamics and be inspired to move into the future with new energy and highly practical insights.

Day 1 highlights

The Community Summit will begin with a welcome from EAIE President Piet Van Hove, followed by an insightful keynote address by Joyce Msuya, United Nations Assistant Secretary-General for Humanitarian Affairs and Deputy Emergency Relief Coordinator. Joyce brings more than 20 years of experience in international development and finance, with diverse assignments in Africa, Asia and Latin America. She will speak on how dealing with the complex issues in our world today is vital to the success of higher education institutions across Europe and beyond.

The first session of Day 1 will prompt us to consider what leadership means in a world of contradictions and uncertainties. Immerse yourself in a range of perspectives on how individual leaders approach the work of guiding higher education institutions and organisations in light of the complex challenges, choices and opportunities they face today, with a particular emphasis on leadership in relation to internationalisation.

Next up, the afternoon session will challenge us to sharpen our ability to learn actively through the complexity around us. Whether helping to shape meaningful student learning outcomes or looking to ensure that our own further learning and development as international education professionals is robust and relevant, let’s think critically about the layers of complexity around us and how to engage them meaningfully in our work.

Day 1 will conclude with an interactive session focused on current developments and ongoing issues in Ukraine, as we mark one year since the Russian invasion. This session will offer you the opportunity to learn more about what’s happening and connect with colleagues working directly with and within the international education community in Ukraine.

Day 2 highlights

Have you ever wanted to jump into one of our podcast episodes? Kick off Day 2 with Kirstin Edgar and Lucila Morales de Mittag, two guests of a recent EAIE podcast, for an interactive networking session on the topic of influencers in the field of international education. Kirstin and Lucila will share some updates on their work with influencers since they spoke with us in December 2022 about "Stray cats and influencers" and are looking forward to chatting with you in this informal Q&A session.

To conclude the programme, we will tackle the Community Summit theme through the angle of ‘living with complexity’. Specifically, we will examine the toll that rising costs of living and housing shortages have taken on the international higher education sector, as well as the ways various stakeholder groups are responding to these challenges. Add your voice to this conversation that will feature perspectives from student groups, higher education institutions and community organisations to unpack these issues and share ideas on how to lift the burdens our community is facing in these areas.

Making an impact with connections

Perhaps the most exciting aspect of the EAIE Community Summit is the chance to interact with your peers from across Europe and elsewhere in a variety of ways – including a networking lunch with a curated podcast recommendation, an escape challenge, post-session coffee breaks and more. You will be able to discuss timely topics with others with both shared interests and varying perspectives. We will also be hosting a session introducing the EAIE Mentorship programme, where you will be able to gain insights into the programme and listen to what past mentors and mentees have to say about their experience. Learn how you, as an EAIE member, can join the Mentorship programme and take part in this unique offering. For a little fun and some direct experience ‘thriving in complexity’, Day 2 will feature a more informal gathering where participants can join a virtual escape challenge by working together to solve complex puzzles and use the clues to make their way out.

The 2023 EAIE Community Summit is a key community event committed to serving up enriching discussions and facilitating meaningful engagement. Don’t miss your chance to thrive – register by 07 March.

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