Theme ideas

The theme for the 32nd Annual EAIE Conference, ‘Forging creative pathways’, opens the door to a wide range of possibilities for session proposals. Proposers should be encouraged to think expansively and creatively about the topics they might put forward for consideration, while at the same time considering how these ideas connect to the realities of everyday practice in our field.

The following themes are particularly timely and resonant among a broad array of international higher education stakeholders in Europe and beyond, but please note that these are not hard and fast ‘sub-themes’ that proposers need to reference or adhere to. Rather, they are offered to stimulate presenters’ thinking about how their possible contributions might align with some key trends in the field, outlined below.

Making the case for impact

Do you have a story, a dataset, or a list of best practices to share that shed light on the impact that internationalisation is making somewhere in the world, and that others can learn from? Is the impact visible in the classroom or in the local community? Is a difference being felt at the national level or even regionally? Does the impact come in the shape of transformed curricula or student outcomes? Are academic or administrative staff thinking differently about their roles or approaching their responsibilities in new ways? We’re interested in understanding more about impact!

Ensuring diversity and inclusion

The ‘why’ and ‘what’ of our work in international education are central considerations, but increasingly so are the ‘with whom’ and ‘how’. Acknowledging that equity and access are vital considerations in our field today, what insights and practical examples can you bring to the conversation? In what ways can you help advance the knowledge, skills and awareness of your peers, when it comes to serving all students across the entire identity spectrum, or identifying and engaging meaningfully with partner institutions that differ dramatically from your own? Diversity and inclusion matter in so many ways.

Speaking of students…

Are there some exciting new insights you can share that push the needle forward on our understanding of the student journey or life cycle, and how best to support that in the context of international education? What’s new when it comes to high-impact student engagement practices that maximise things like intercultural skill-building, student learning outcomes and employability in a globalised context? Help us all understand more about the student experience and perspective.

Cracking the code on technology

Working to forge creative pathways these days may put many of us in mind of the power and potential of new technologies in relation to our work. Are you working with big data? Dabbling in virtual mobility? Betting on digitalisation? Testing out new online tools? Collaborating with colleagues remotely? Engaging with students through apps – or even designing your own apps? How is that working out? And what can the rest of us gain from your insights?

Understanding Europe’s particular future

Life after Brexit, the 2021–2027 generation of Erasmus programmes, the European Universities Initiative… Europe is a hotbed of challenges, changes, and innovations. Are there pieces of this puzzle that you’ve had some up-close-and-personal experience with, which may help others understand where European international higher education is headed, and how we can make the most of it?

And there’s more!

We welcome your many unique and creative approaches to what will surely be a wide-ranging set of discussions in Barcelona. For additional inspiration, consider exploring the multiple dimensions of internationalisation that the EAIE’s various Expert Communities and Network are engaged in.