Session 02.05

Marketing and Recruitment presents: Metaverses, Discord, Slack and (still) WhatsApp: community building reinvented

Technological opportunities to engage prospective students in social contexts have never been greater. Facebook recently announced its own metaverse, and this is only the beginning of a new wave of tools. Still, it’s not all about technology. What makes a good community, and how do we make it happen? In this session, we will explore how gamification and empowering students to collaborate, even before they meet IRL, can improve recruitment and retention results, on Slack or in the metaverse.


  • Marketing & recruitment


  • Joachim Ekstrom, 
    Uppsala University, Communication Department, Sweden


  • Alejandra Otero, 
    NEO Academy, USA
  • Michelangelo Balicco, 
    Burgundy School of Business, France