Session 09B

Universities and Erasmus+ Centres of Vocational Excellence: a paradox explained

Centres of Vocational Excellence, a new addition to the Erasmus+ programme, stimulate educators, regional governments and companies to tackle the big challenges we face together. Based on the name, you might think: ‘How is this relevant for my university?’ During this session, we will explore this paradox and, using the experience of the 12 pilot centres from 2019 and 2020, explain to you why higher education is an important player in the development of these centres.


  • European-funded programmes
  • Partnership & networks


  • Boudewijn Grievink, 
    We are Katapult, Netherlands


  • Michaela Mensikova, 
    Mendel University, Czech Republic
  • Boudewijn Grievink, 
    We are Katapult, Netherlands