Session 06.06

Greening mobility: Coimbra Group developments towards sustainability in Europe

The Coimbra Group, a network of 41 of the oldest European universities, is supporting its members in transitioning towards greener Erasmus+ exchanges thanks to an innovative partnership with the Eurail train travel initiative. This is a bold step towards more sustainable mobility in Europe, together with several institutional projects developed at our universities. In this session, we will disseminate our collective know-how, best practice, expertise and results so far.


  • Mobility
  • Partnership & networks


  • Dorota Maciejowska, 
    Jagiellonian University, Poland


  • Tiziana Gatti, 
    University of Siena, Italy
  • Michela Cobelli, 
    Universit√† Degli Studi Di Pavia, Italy