Session 06.12

Campfire: Reconnect, refocus and renew: beating post-pandemic social anxiety

On a global scale, what will post-pandemic work look like? Person-to-person events will always be valuable for career growth, student life and business opportunities. Engagement with others might be simple within our immediate communities – but when we venture beyond our institutions and borders, how are our lives and routines changing? Some of us are struggling with social anxiety and networking. In this session, we will explore the challenges we are overcoming in this post-pandemic world.


  • Student experience
  • Leadership & strategy


  • Marybeth Gruenewald, 
    Educational Credential Evaluators, Inc, USA


  • Stephanie Griffiths, 
    Stephanie Griffiths Intercultural Consultancy, United Kingdom
  • Peter Kerrigan, 
    German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD), USA