Frequently Asked Questions

Who can submit a proposal?

All professionals active in the field of international higher education, regardless of experience level, are welcome to submit a proposal. Please review the differences between sessions, workshops, poster sessions and the Ignite© sessions in order to select the option best suited to your expertise and availability. 

Do I need to be an EAIE member to submit a proposal?

No, you do not need to be an EAIE member. All you need is to create an online account to start the submission process.

How do I submit a proposal?

Log in to the EAIE submission portal with your login and password. If you do not have an EAIE account, you can easily set one up. Once you are logged in, click on the ‘Submit your proposal today’ button located on the right-hand side of the website pages to start the online submission process. 

When you submit your proposal, you are automatically added as the ‘owner’ of the proposal and you will remain the main contact person for the proposal until the review process has been completed. After the review process, you can request to change this information by e-mail. 

What should my proposal include?

Submitted proposals must be complete. Depending on the type of proposal selected, the proposal form will request a selection of the following information at each step: 

  • Step 1: Basic information 
    • Title 
    • Duration 
    • Short description 
  • Step 2: Proposal history 
  • Step 3: Delivery 
    • Long description 
    • Audience engagement 
    • Structure/itinerary 
    • Learning outcomes 
    • Target audience 
    • Level 
    • Topic area 
    • Primary Expert Community 
  • Step 4: Speakers 
    • Indication speakers   
    • Suitability of speakers 
  • Step 5: Preparation 
    • Room setup 
    • Additional information 
  • Step 6: Save and submit 

Please download a copy of the 2022 proposal agreements

What is the EAIE's policy on promotion in sessions, posters and workshops?

The EAIE Conference programme is a forum for learning and networking and is therefore non-commercial. Content presented at the EAIE Conference is offered to help professionals in the field to further internationalise their institution and develop new ideas. 

Under no circumstances should content presented be used for any direct or indirect promotion of a product, service, programme, university or other self-interest. Any mention of products, programmes, services, etc should only be referred to briefly and presented as examples of best practice rather than options or solutions. The inclusion of these best practice examples must clearly support the learning outcomes and also offer transferrable information which can be practically applied by the audience in their respective roles. It is important that content refers to specific policy, implementation or implications at higher education institutions, especially when highlighting products or services 

The distribution of promotional literature and material (pens, notepads, pamphlets, etc) is also strictly prohibited. Contact us for sponsorship and promotional opportunities at the EAIE Conference. 

Can the EAIE help me to find a speaker for my session proposal?

If you are experiencing problems finding a session speaker, we recommend you contact the Expert Community Chair most relevant to your proposal for suggestions. 

When is the deadline for submitting a proposal?

The deadline for submitting proposals for workshops, sessions, posters and Ignite sessions© is 02 November (17:00 CET). It will not be possible to submit proposals after this date. By logging into your EAIE account, you can return to your saved proposal and make changes up until the submission deadline, or until you submit it for review. 

Can I submit a proposal by post or e-mail?

No, all conference proposals must be submitted online through the submission portal. There, you can access and update your proposal at any time until you have submitted it (prior to the deadline), and it allows for more efficient processing of proposals. 

What happens to my proposal once submitted?

The EAIE’s Conference Programme Committee (CPC), together with the Professional Development Committee (PDC) and the EAIE Expert Communities, play an active role in the final conference programme. Expert Community members review all submitted proposals relevant to their field of expertise and then give recommendations on sessions and workshops to the CPC or PDC. 

The CPC reviews the conference programme as a whole, ensuring the overall content offered is balanced, and makes the final decisions on which sessions and posters to accept onto the programme. The PDC does the same for the workshop programme. After the CPC and PDC have made their decisions, the EAIE Office will inform the submitters of the outcome. The EAIE reserves the right to recommend changes, edit the final title of the session, workshop or poster session, and to edit abstracts for use in publicity materials. 

Can I make changes to my proposal once it has been submitted?

No, once you have clicked the ‘Submit as final’ button, you can no longer make any changes to your proposal. If you wish to return to your proposal and edit anything before the deadline, please make use of the ‘Save’ button at the bottom of the form. You can then edit and update your proposal multiple times up until the deadline. Please remember to click the ‘Submit as final’ button when the proposal is complete. 

When will I find out the outcome of my submitted proposal?

In early March, submitters  will be notified by e-mail of the outcome (acceptance or rejection) of their proposal. It is the responsibility of the submitter to inform speakers of the outcome. 

What happens if my proposal is accepted?

Submitters of accepted proposals will be asked to confirm via e-mail that they accept the Conference Programme Committee’s invitation to be a part of the conference programme. Please note that, in some cases, amendments must be made as a condition of acceptance. 

Do contributors get a fee payment?

As the EAIE is a non-profit organisation, no subsidy is paid to session, speakers. However, they will receive a discount on the conference fee as a thank you for sharing their time and expertise. 

Do speakers need to register and pay to attend the conference?

Yes, all speakers must pay the participation fee and register for the conference. As a thank you for sharing their time and expertise, speakers receive a discount on the regular participation fee. 

We offer a one-day reduced fee option to session speakers and poster speakers who will only be attending the day of their session. Those contributing as workshop facilitators can request a one-day fee waiver if they will only be attending the day of their workshop. Please contact the EAIE Office to request this if your proposal is accepted and if you will only be in attendance the day of your session. 

How many sessions/workshops/posters can I participate in?

Each, speaker or workshop facilitator can participate in a maximum of two events at the conference, only one of which may be a workshop. 

How many contributors can I add to my proposal?

  • Workshops: two facilitators 
  • Sessions: one to two speakers 
  • Posters: up to two speakers 
  • Ignite© sessions: one speaker 

Can all contributors be from the same institution?

Overall diversity of speakers and institutions represented in sessions at the conference is taken into account for the final selection of sessions, therefore it is recommended that the panel consists of speakers from different countries or institutions.

Can I present virtually instead?

Where the EAIE Conference is conducted ‘in-person’, all contributors are expected to be physically present in the room. In cases where a session has been requested by the EAIE to be pre-recorded, all speakers must be available at a mutually agreed set date in the summer to record, and the only those in the recording are considered the speakers of that session. No further speaker changes may occur.

Why is there a maximum number of speakers allowed?

The Conference Programme Committee has introduced this cap on speakers in order to facilitate more time for Question and Answers during sessions. Feedback has shown that participants often seek further engagement with speakers and other participants, and limiting the number of speakers creates a strong foundation for follow-up discussion.  

What costs are associated with presenting?

All speakers are responsible for paying the discounted conference fee that was specially created for them. They are also expected to arrange their own transportation to and from the conference, as well as accommodation. 

The EAIE will provide all standard equipment (beamers, computers, microphones, flip charts, etc) and produce the obligatory handouts for the workshop, provided they are submitted within the specified timeframe. A number of refreshments and lunches are provided as part of the conference fee.