The 2022 conference in Barcelona will have a brand new theme that will be timely and relevant. Please stay tuned for more information coming. The new call for proposals will open in late 2021. 

Call for proposals

A fresh call for proposals in line with the new conference theme will take place in 2021. Proposals accepted for the 2020 conference cannot automatically be included in the 2022 programme. You will be able to propose your content again, if it fits the new theme, and indicate that it was accepted for the 2020 conference. 


Sessions give participants a quick overview – 30 or 60 minutes – of a particular subject. As well as knowledge-sharing, sessions should offer enough room for discussion.

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Poster sessions

Poster sessions combine graphic and text elements into a poster to display a specific topic. Presenters are allocated a 90-minute slot in which to discuss their work with participants.

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Ignite© sessions

Ignite© sessions are a fast-paced first glance at different topics, intended to fire up discussions. Speakers have just five exciting minutes in which to present an idea.

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Workshops are a training experience available to conference participants at an additional fee. They should be highly interactive and provide networking opportunities.

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