Tips to travel green

Barcelona is an international travel hub and part of a well-connected over-land network of railways. Plane travel has a significant climate impact and even though sometimes it is the only option for participants joining from overseas, there are greener ways to reach Barcelona, especially from other European countries. If you would like to reduce your carbon footprint by choosing greener means of transport, take a look below at some tips and websites you can use.

Plan your travel

There are many travel planners that help you plan your journey or calculate the carbon footprint of your chosen mode of transport.

  • Atmosfair - calculate your flight emissions
  • Eurail - explore Europe's railway map and the connections you can take all in one interactive map
  • Happy Rail - book your train journey with this cross-country trip planner
  • Eco passenger - compare your energy consumption, CO2 emissions of planes, cars and trains

#EAIEgreengoals tips for Barcelona:

  • Use your free public transport card: Participants will receive their free public transport cards upon registering at the conference venue. This card can be used on buses, metro and trains and it is the most convenient way to get around the city. 
  • Get moving and explore the city on foot: Barcelona is an ideal city to explore while walking as it has grand boulevards connecting the major areas of the city.
  • Rent a bike: The city has over 200 km of cycle lanes, parking spots for bikes and a well-organised infrastructure around the city. Take a look at the bike rentals available. 
  • Electric taxis: Choose an eco-friendly electric taxi company such as Taxi Ecologicó to get around.

Carbon impact chart

When booking your travel to Barcelona, make it a conscious choice to pick an environmentally friendly mode of transport. Calculate your carbon footprint using Rail Europe’s carbon calculator for train travel and Atmosfair’s flight carbon calculator for the flights. Take a look at the overview below to see how much CO2 you can save with travelling by train.

City Travel time by rail  kgCO2 per person by rail kgCO2 per person by plane
Amsterdam 15 8 320
Berlin 23 11 281
Brussels 13 7 274
Budapest 25 1 367
Copenhagen 29 11 354
Geneva 10 4 137
Glasgow 20 30 402
London 14 7 249
Milan 14 7 192
Prague 20 11 307
Warsaw 27 12 507

All data in the table above and resources to reduce your carbon emissions on this page were provided to the EAIE by the Climate Action Network for International Educators – CANIE.