Transatlantic Leadership Award

This award is given to an active EAIE member who has provided significant leadership to educational exchange between Europe and North America with a spirit of mutual understanding and respect. The award is supported by a substantial endowment from long-time EAIE member and past President's award winner, Jim Frey. It is no longer possible to submit a nomination for the Transatlantic Leadership award.

Eligibility criteria

  • The nominee is a member of the EAIE.
  • The nominee has documented achievements in transatlantic cooperation, providing guidance and examples of good practice for individuals active in transatlantic cooperation.

The winner will receive

  • Prize money of €1000.
  • Extensive visibility via all EAIE online channels.
It is a great honour and with deep personal significance to receive this award from my European friends and colleagues. Continuing to strengthen our trans-Atlantic collaborations is a shared goal of tremendous importance.

John Hudzik

Michigan State University, USA

Winner of the 2015 Transatlantic Leadership Award