Internationalisation at home: how to support your academic staff

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What you'll learn

Release date: 30 October 2019

Internationalisation at Home (IaH) requires a comprehensive approach that extends beyond the international office to the learning and teaching experiences of students and lecturers. This webinar will focus on providing both academic and administrative staff with exposure to the tools and processes that need to be in place for a successful transition towards internationalised teaching and learning. You will gain a solid knowledge base and learn the theory behind the practice. Jos Beelen’s stakeholder’s model will help you understand the importance of building connections within your institution and beyond.

You will:

  • Recognise the benefits of IaH and address the reasons why lecturers should engage with it
  • Understand your role in IaH using the stakeholder’s model and reflect on strategies to engage your colleagues on the topic
  • Acquire practical tools and resources to start implementing IaH at your institution
  • Learn the theory behind the practice and gain a solid knowledge base to assess what your institution needs to implement IaH


How to get the most out of this webinar

This webinar presents the ideal opportunity for academic and administrative staff to gain a better understanding of the collaborative role they play in IaH. You will be exposed to the tools, resources and practices needed to support the process of internationalising teaching and learning. You will also be able to reflect on your role in implementing IaH in the classroom as a lecturer or in your institution as an international officer.


Practical details