How to implement Internationalisation at Home

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What you'll learn?

Release date: 13 February 2018

The main purpose of Internationalisation at Home (IaH) is to prepare all students for a world that demands global thinking and acting. Internationalised curriculum is at the core of this, and ensures an inclusive international education for all students. This webinar will define the key concept and rationales of IaH and offer practical ideas and inspiration on how to implement IaH in a meaningful way. We’ll focus on the role of international officers and how they can be successful in connecting with lecturers for internationalising teaching and learning. Additionally, we will look at the various stakeholders, including lecturers, needed in order to successfully implement an IaH strategy.

  • Gain an insight into the implementation of IaH from a case study
  • Achieve a more profound understanding of what your role in IaH could be
  • Identify relevant stakeholders of IaH in your institution
  • Learn how to collaborate with lecturers in implementing IaH

How to get the most out of this webinar

This webinar is beneficial for international officers who are newcomers in the field as well as those who want to expand their expertise. It is also a great introduction for all professionals involved in curriculum development and any stakeholders who are involved in IaH, including university leadership and policy makers. Following the webinar, a recording will be sent to all participants.


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