Theme ideas

Are you interested in joining us ‘En Route!’ to Toulouse as a speaker at the 34th Annual EAIE Conference and Exhibition? The EAIE is excited to receive proposals promoting thought-provoking learning experiences that will further the knowledge base in our field and drive forward important conversations. Here are some key questions and ideas coming straight from the Conference Programme Committee to help inspire your thinking and consider focussing your proposal upon for 2024: 

Before we move toward the future, it can be useful to review core essentials

Start off by considering why student mobility (still) matters? What exactly are the benefits that internationalisation provides to institutions, students, academics and society, and how could the rise of nationalisation and internationalisation affect this trajectory? How can we understand and mitigate “wrong turns” taken by our institutions, our governments and others? 

No journey comes without obstacles, including conflict and risk

We’d love to hear how you pragmatically and diplomatically deal with conflict within institutions, amongst partner institutions or across national borders. Who are the peacemakers that have helped you find common ground? Let’s not forget that we are a network of peers who can learn from and even celebrate our failures, so please take the time to be brave by sharing yours and helping others with their journey.  

Looking ahead, what do you think the curriculum of the future will look like?

What role will technologies like artificial intelligence play in our work as international educators and in our students’ living and learning experiences? How will micro-credentials and other non-traditional education formats take shape moving forward? And how will collaborations between higher education institutions and partners from industry and society evolve?  

And there’s more!

We welcome your experiences, thoughts and ideas on these topics and encourage proposers to pose these questions to the audience ‘En Route’ to Toulouse, diving deep into discussion through various content delivery formats such as fishbowl sessions, posters, world cafes, workshops and ignite sessions. Now is the time to start thinking about your topic and find collaborators from other institutions at the conference to add a rich diversity of perspectives to your proposal.