Ignite© sessions

Ignite© sessions are fast-paced sessions designed to generate awareness and stimulate discussion. Each session is made up of a number of five-minute presentations by different speakers. These are a perfect introduction for first-time speakers, yet also great for experienced speakers as they are designed to provide an engaging, novel platform for speakers to exchange their ideas on a specific topic. 


Ignite© sessions are multiple-speaker sessions. They can be attended by all conference participants. Each speaker is given a five-minute time slot in which to present their topic, while their PowerPoint presentation automatically advances every 15 seconds, creating a truly energetic and dynamic session. 


All Ignite© proposals are assessed based on the quality and relevance of the content, and their value within the context of the EAIE (eg diversity of subject matters, audience, Expert Community topics, conference theme, etc). Each successful proposal will be grouped with up to five other presenters and each session will be assigned a Chair. The Chair facilitates a question and answer session after each five-minute presentation. 

One can submit a single presentation to be included in an Ignite© session. If you have an idea for a full Ignite© session with a chair and up to four Ignite© session presenters (provided each presenter sticks to a five-minute Ignite-style presentation), please submit each Ignite session separately, and include a note in the “additional information” field with the titles of the other three Ignite© sessions you would like to have linked together.