14 Dec 2022

Kirstin Edgar and Lucila Morales de Mittag: Stray cats and organic influencers

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In the current age of social media, we see influencers popping up everywhere, including in the field of (international) student marketing and recruitment. Influencer marketing is evolving rapidly, and the Covid pandemic has sped up this process considerably. Higher education institutions are using micro- and nano-influencers to raise awareness of their educational programmes, activities, initiatives and even institutional values, in different ways. But what exactly leads to the decision to invest in this particular form of marketing and visibility raising? How does an institution deal with these “stray cats” of the marketing world? And what is next in the world of influencer marketing?

In this podcast episode we speak with Kirstin Edgar, Communications & Content Coordinator for the Anglo-American University in Prague (Czech Republic), and Lucila Morales de Mittag, International Office Coordinator at Europa-Universitaet Flensburg (Germany). Both work at institutions that have built up considerable experience working with student influencers and join us to share their good practices and lessons learned. What advice do they have in terms of managing the messages that influencers put out there? How do you strike the right tone in the messaging? Listen to this last podcast episode of 2022 to find out more!

About Kirstin Edgar

Originally from Glasgow, Scotland, Kirstin studied at the University of Edinburgh and graduated with an MA in Chinese Studies in 2019. After moving to Prague, Czech Republic, Kirstin assumed a variety of roles before joining Anglo-American University as a copywriter in the Marketing Department. In her position, she primarily writes articles, and video scripts, and oversees content creation within the Marketing team for the main website and various social media channels.

About Lucila Morales de Mittag

Lucila Morales de Mittag is an International Coordinator and Intercultural Trainer with 19 years of experience working within the International Center of Europa-Universität Flensburg, Germany. Before moving to Europe, she spent 13 years in the US working in media communications and marketing. At Europa-Universität Flensburg, Lucila specializes in project management and concept development, student integration and support, and marketing for international and incoming students. She is responsible for helping international students of all backgrounds to integrate into the university culture.

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