17 Jan 2024

Jim Hetherton: Goal setting for the new year

Goal setting for the new year. The O in Goal is a target with an arrow.


Happy New Year! We find ourselves at the start of a new calendar year, 2024, which is usually a moment in time for people to think of (and try to stick to) new year resolutions. Many professionals in the international higher education field struggle with managing their workload, and it can feel as if there are not enough hours in the day. There's a whole new year filled with possibilities on our doorstep; how can we try and make the best of it in a professional context?

In this episode of the EAIE podcast, we talk to productivity coach Jim Hetherton who has helped many thousands of people to improve the way they work. Podcast host Laura Rumbley asks Jim several questions, including: can new year resolutions actually work? What are some of the life skills people could focus on trying to master in the new year, and what tips are there to accomplish this? And is there a particular secret to productivity that Jim thinks we should take to heart? Make sure to have a productive start to your professional year and don’t miss out on this podcast episode!

About Jim Hetherton

Jim Hetherton is a successful consultant, lecturer, and trainer, having held leadership & management positions in the leading retailer in Europe – Tesco; prior to joining OnTrack, he established the Franklin Quest, later to become Franklin Covey Europe. He has extensive experience in sales, sales management and learning and development, including head office positions.

With a delivery style which is continually described by delegates as ‘inspirational and life-changing’, he has helped many thousands of people to improve the way they work. He has worked with people at all levels from a wide range of organisations, including GE, Jaguar Cars, Barclays Bank, Bass, Lehman Brothers, BP, Merrill Lynch HBOS, Hewlett Packard, Royal Bank of Scotland, Vodafone Merck & other FTSE 100 companies. He is particularly recognized for his efforts in developing individual performance and increasing personal productivity.

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