23 Sep 2020

Ine Vandecasteele: The future of Europe's cities



With three quarters of the global population living in urbanised areas, cities frame the daily realities of billions of people around the world. In Europe and elsewhere, cities are also home to many higher education institutions as well as the knowledge networks and labour market dynamics with which higher education institutions are so closely connected.  

So how much do we really know about cities, and how do their realities and prospects connect to our work in international education? In this episode of the EAIE podcast, Ine Vandecasteele joins us to talk about some of the key findings emerging from recent research on urban centres, and how many of the creative pathways forward lead through Europe's cities.

About Ine Vandecasteele

Ine Vandecasteele, a hydrogeologist by training, is a Scientific Officer working for the Territorial Development group of the European Commission’s Joint Research Centre (JRC), based in Ispra, Italy, and providing scientific evidence and policy support. She is Chief Editor of the JRC report entitled ‘The future of cities’, which draws attention to current and future challenges facing European cities and how they can be tackled. The report was written together with a Community of Practice on Cities which, although managed by the JRC, goes far beyond the research centre to include the involvement of academics, policymakers and city administrators. A Belgian citizen, Ine was born in South Africa, raised in Botswana, studied in Belgium and Portugal and has worked in a range of international contexts.

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