26 Apr 2022

Femke Hermans: Students for tomorrow

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The fight for a sustainable future is a matter of generational equity. Although we are all experiencing the effects of climate change and environmental degradation, it is the younger generations who will bear the burden of the decisions made now and before their time. No wonder, then, that they want to play a key role in the struggle to set things right.

Students at higher education institutions across Europe have shown extraordinary capacity to coordinate and mobilise to take the lead on sustainability activities at their universities. In this episode of the EAIE Podcast, we speak with Femke Hermans, head of Students for Tomorrow, a Netherlands-based network of 14 student organisations promoting sustainability in higher education. Tune in to discover more about their initiatives, achievements, and ambitions for a greener future.

About Femke Hermans

Femke Hermans recently completed her bachelor’s degree in Future Planet Studies at the University of Amsterdam. In addition to working on her pre-master's in International Law, she has been the President of Studenten voor Morgen (Students for Tomorrow) for the past year. Within this role, she represents over 40 youth organisations in the Netherlands in debates around sustainability in higher education.

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