11 May 2022

Arunima Dey & Carmen Neghina: Admissions trends 2022

Admissions trends 2022


Will the start of a new academic year in Europe in autumn 2022 witness a post-pandemic bounce-back? Recent research and analysis by the EAIE, The Class Foundation and StudyPortals may give some indications.

This episode of the EAIE Podcast brings together The Class Foundation’s Programme Curator, Arunima Dey, and StudyPortals’ Deputy Director Analytics & Consulting Team, Carmen Neghina, to compare data, methodologies and findings, as we explore current trends in international student mobility in Europe and beyond.

About Arunima Dey

Arunima Dey is a former academic of literature, who recently shifted gears to focus on youth education and development. She currently works as Programme Curator for The Class Foundation, which is dedicated to improving the state of student living, as well as transforming and future-proofing university cities in Europe. Within the student housing sector, Arunima is particularly interested in promoting sustainable practices, creating social value and fostering inclusive communities.

About Carmen Neghina

Carmen Neghina is a Deputy Director Analytics & Consulting Team at Studyportals, having previously served as its Head of Intelligence, and as Thought Leadership Manager. Her research interests cover international education, student mobility patterns, online study choice behaviour, international student satisfaction, and the growth of the pathway sector. Carmen has a PhD degree in services marketing from the Open University in the Netherlands, and a Master’s degree in Marketing and Business Administration from Radboud University.

For further exploration

For further insights into the topics touched on in this episode, the following resource may be of interest:

5 Key Takeaways from The Class Foundation’s Spring 2022 Student Demand Survey

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