16 Sep 2020

Aminata Cairo: The stories we tell

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The EAIE is proud to launch a new podcast series bringing you voices, perspectives, ideas and insights into the most relevant topics in international education. Join host Laura Rumbley, EAIE Associate Director of Knowledge Development and Research, as she sits down with professionals, experts and policymakers to discuss the issues that matter most for your day-to-day work internationalising higher education. New podcasts will appear weekly in the lead-up to the EAIE Community Exchange, after which you can expect a new episode every two weeks.

Medical anthropologist by training, teacher and trainer by profession, and storyteller by passion, Aminata Cairo approaches issues of diversity and inclusion from a wide range of perspectives. After her electrifying keynote speech at EAIE 2019 in Helsinki, Aminata has returned to discuss the impact of the Black Lives Matter protests, the greater context of inequality framing our current moment, and the power of the stories we tell ourselves.

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About Aminata Cairo

Aminata Cairo has dedicated her life’s work to giving a voice to overlooked, silenced, or otherwise marginalised populations. In her applied anthropological work with students and community organisations, she has continually strived to promote inclusion at both the academic and the community level.

Born in the Netherlands to Surinamese parents and studying abroad as an international woman of colour, Aminata knows first-hand the challenges of diversity and inclusion in higher education. While pursuing her Master’s degree and PhD in Medical Anthropology in the USA, her work with student communities to promote inclusion at both the academic and social level at the university earned her the Martin Luther King Jr. Humanitarian Award. She also received the Honorary Order of the Palm, a state decoration by the Government of Suriname for her contributions to culture.

You can keep up to date on Aminata Cairo’s work via her website.

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