31 Jan 2024

Cynthia Alby, Sandra Slotte, Jeroen Ouburg: A chat with real people about AI

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ChatGPT, artificial intelligence, chat prompts… It’s 2024, and whether we like it or not, artificial intelligence and all the challenges and opportunities that come with it are here to stay. Like many others, the EAIE is captivated by the developments in relation to artificial intelligence and what impact it will or could have on international higher education, in particular. During the 2023 EAIE conference in Rotterdam, a very successful Campfire session took place on the possible positive uses of ChatGPT in our daily work, and in this podcast episode, we once again take the opportunity to look at the uses of AI within the international higher education sector, from a practical perspective.

The guests chatting with us in this podcast episode all have one thing in common: they are real people, working within the IHE sector, exploring how AI can play a role in their daily work. Where do people new to this topic get started? What are some of the guests’ personal experiences and tips to share related to AI? And what’s on the horizon, what are some developments worth paying attention to at this moment in time? Join podcast host Laura Rumbley and her guests to hear how real people in our field are experimenting with AI and thinking about its possibilities.

About  Cynthia Alby

Cynthia Alby is a Professor of Teacher Education at Georgia College, USA, a public liberal arts university. Her primary research questions revolve around reimagining education and reenchanting learning so both teachers and students can flourish. She is co-author of ‘Learning that matters: A field guide to course design for transformative education’, and for more than 20 years, she has also developed Georgia faculty through the ‘Governor’s Teaching Fellows Program’ at the Louise McBee Institute of Higher Education at the University of Georgia.

About Sandra Slotte

Sandra Slotte is Senior Policy Advisor, Internationalisation, at Arcada University of Applied Sciences in Helsinki, Finland. She is Secretary of the institution’s Internationalisation Group and collaborates and presents regionally, nationally and internationally in matters regarding internationalisation of higher education. On top of her work, she is pursuing a PhD in the field. She chaired the EAIE Expert Community for Strategy and Management's well-visited campfire session on the positive side, and fun uses of, ChatGPT in international higher education, at the 2023 EAIE conference. She also uses generative AI tools in her administrative work and for research, as well as for collaborative and co-creative tasks as a project manager.

About Jeroen Ouburg

Jeroen Ouburg works at Wageningen University & Research for the department of Corporate Strategy & Accounts focusing on strategic international institute to institute collaboration in the field of higher education. He has been a member in different (inter)national networks stimulating the internationalisation of higher education from a policy and strategic point of view. For example, contributing to the integration of refugees in the higher education sector across Europe, developing ministerial funding programmes for collaboration with the Global South and developing European University Alliances. Jeroen has been active in different steering groups of the EAIE, most recently as a part of the steering group of the Strategy & Management Expert Community.

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