2023 Spring Forum: Risk and response

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    April 2023
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If the last several years have taught us anything, it is to always be prepared for the unexpected. The Russian government’s invasion of Ukraine and the ongoing recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic surely remain top of mind for most of us, but let us not forget the whole host of other challenges that have presented obstacles in the path towards internationalising higher education in recent years. From refugee crises and threats to academic freedom, to geopolitics and climate change and market pressures on higher education, uncertainty is a constant backdrop to our work. This raises the question: what do we do

This issue of Forum magazine seeks to analyse the risks currently facing international higher education, and more importantly, what the sector as a whole or we as institutions and individuals can and should do about any of it.


04 Editorial

05 Contributors

06 Our moral imperative – Michal Linder Zarankin
Higher education’s role in a risk-ridden world

08 Safe travels – Ashley Laracy &Shabnam Ivkovic
Best practices in travel safety

11 324 exchanges during COVID-19 – Alejandra Vicencio
How one institution flourished during the pandemic

14 Responding to one crisis, preparing for the next – Emma K. Stokes & Louise Staunton
Applying yesterday’s lessons today

16 Sanctuary in the academy – Mike Chick
Universities as places of refuge

18 In conversation with Kai Sicks – Jacob Gibbons
The Secretary General of the DAAD on risk, opportunity and internationalisation

22 Hope for the best, scenario-plan for the worst – Woody Wade
A powerful technique for preparing for the unknown

25 Assessing risk, seizing opportunity – Jérôme Rickmann & Kirsi Kettula
A step-by-step process for evaluating the landscape

29 Beyond the red line – Florian Kohstall
A pluralistic approach to cooperation

32 Cautious collaboration – Courtney Hartzell & Leigh-Alistair Barzey
Balancing national security and international collaboration

35 Walking the line: the UK and China – Janet Ilieva & Vicky Lewis
Navigating the complexities of geopolitics

41 Blog spot

43 Calendar of events

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