2021 Summer Forum: Mobility in the balance

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    June 2021
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While the COVID-19 pandemic has in many ways left the world of physical mobility in suspended animation, new opportunities have emerged and may well be leading to a paradigm shift in approaches to internationalisation. The Summer 2021 issue of Forum takes a fresh look at the mobility of staff and students, exploring whether alternatives to physical mobility are now gaining new ground, and what this might mean for the status of physical mobility.

Table of contents

04 Editorial

05 Contributors

06 Mobility still matters
We shouldn’t stop crossing borders anytime soon

09 The impact of the immobile student
Students’ presence or lack thereof sends ripples through communities

12 When mobility is forced
For displaced persons, mobility is truly compulsory

15 Meeting market demand: skills gained abroad
How skills gained overseas fuel economies at home

18 Students at the centre of intercultural classrooms
Seizing the transition to reorient teaching and learning

21 Building community in virtual spaces
The importance of the virtual water cooler

24 In conversation with Sorcha Leveque
A student perspective on interrupted mobility and the path forward

28 Increasing access: virtual learning abroad
Virtual exchange can be both inclusive and popular among students

31 Three pillars of inclusive internationalisation
Towards renewed focus on the local, virtual and transnational

34 Support services: one size fits all?
How administrative support can evolve with changing technology

37 On the eve of a new era
New approaches to virtual exchange

40 The next chapter of European mobility
Turning the page from the ‘physical only’ era

43 Erasmus+ evolving with the times
European programmes blazing the trail

46 Mobility according to Nostradamus
A glance into the crystal ball of internationalisation

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