2019 Summer Forum: Bracing for Brexit

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    July 2019
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On 23 June 2016, voters in the United Kingdom participated in a referendum that resulted in a ‘yes’ vote for the UK to leave the European Union. The so-called ‘Brexit’ decision set in motion a series of developments that are scheduled to culminate in the United Kingdom's exit from the EU.

Whether or not that deadline holds and regardless of the form – ‘hard’ or ‘soft’ – that departure takes, the prospect of Brexit has provoked deep reflection across Europe about the nature and future of the European Union. For the European higher education community in particular, Brexit scenarios have raised a series of questions and concerns that require urgent, solutions-oriented consideration. Understanding that Brexit is still a phenomenon in process, this issue of Forum aims to explore what Brexit means for those of us working in international higher education in the European context, and to offer practical insights into how we might operate and cooperate in a post-Brexit framework.

Table of contents

04 Editorial

05 Contributors

06 System out of order (apologies for the inconvenience) – Vivienne Stern
A look at the malfunctioning political system that brought us Brexit

09 Torn between our best friends – Deirdre Lillis
Caught between the UK and the EU, Ireland faces a hard choice

12 Rediscovering our superpowers – Tom Collins
Universities must overcome outrage to lead the fight against Brexit

15 Charting the flow of Brexit – Jon Worth
'Brexit flowchart guy' Jon Worth guides us through the twists and turns

18 Bridging the Anglo-German divide – Alsadair MacDonald, Anna Verena Cramme & Rachel Seeling
Partnerships may prove key to softening the blow of Brexit

21 Partnerships in peril – Dorothy Kelly & Laura Howard
Uncertainty reigns for UK students and staff in Spain and vice versa

24 In conversation with Sir Anton Muscatelli – Laura E. Rumbley
Glasgow University Principal Anton Muscatelli on what's at stake

28 The Brexit backdrop: what does the data tell us? – EAIE
Facts and figures on UK higher education and its place in the world

30 Putting Europe on the map in India – Sanjeev Roy
Turning Brexit into a branding exercise for EU universities

33 Brussels' Brexit blues – Peter van der Hijden
Will we miss our British colleagues? Well, yes and no

36 Finnish universities: internationalisation on the agenda – Anna Grönlund
The evolving international outlook of Finnish higher education

41 EAIE blog spot

43 Events calendar

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