2018 Winter Forum: Unexpected internationalisation

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    December 2018
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Internationalisation, over several decades of development and evolution, is now widely considered to be a mainstream phenomenon. Of course, international agendas and activities are not equally visible or uniformly implemented in higher education institutions across Europe and elsewhere. This issue of Forum is devoted to an exploration of ‘unexpected’ internationalisation from a variety of geographic, institutional and disciplinary perspectives. From short-term placements abroad for vocational students, to international experiences outside of higher education, to internationalisation in regions beyond sovereign jurisdiction, this issue traces the boundaries of our expectations and asks us to look beyond them.

Table of contents

04 Editorial

05 Contributors

06 Parallel paths to inclusion – Frederic Fovet
Unexpected synergy between internationalisation and indigenisation

10 Aviation without borders – Sue A. Macchiarella
Internationalising aviation studies through a transatlantic partnership

13 Short-term placements for long-term impact – Charis Hughes
A few weeks working abroad can be the opportunity of a lifetime

16 Siberia's unexpected appeal – Dina Uzhegova & Eva Burbo
Universities on the geographic periphery take centre stage

19 University alliances along the new Silk Road – Melvin Weigel
Reorienting international academic cooperation

22 In conversation with Paul Arthur Berkman – Laura Rumbley,
Science diplomat and expert in spaces beyond sovereign jurisdiction

26 The surprising pull of Poland's medical schools – Magdalena Kozula & Aleksandra Daszkowska-Kaminska
How Poland is pulling in students from all over the world

30 Unusual suspects in internationalisation – Pieter Verbeek & Eveline van Engelen
Creating competent rebels across the education system

33 Investing early in a global workforce – Hiroyuki Takagi
International experiences from kindergarten to university

36 Urban immersions – Laura Nkula-Wenz & Sophie Oldfield
Preparing for our global urban future

39 Transnational dialogues on disability – Alexander Heinz & Lorraine Ishmael-Byers
Cross-border discussions on equal opportunity

42 Cultivating a sustainable future at EARTH – Nico Evers, Robert Coelen & Bret Shaw
Sowing the seeds of social change in the Global South

45 EAIE blog spot

46 Helsinki: a city of surprises
The host of the 2019 EAIE Conference has something for everyone

51 Events calendar

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