2018 Summer Forum: (Inter)national policies and politics

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    July 2018
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National-level policies and programmes, typically guided by developments in national politics, can have far-reaching consequences for institutions’ internationalisation efforts. The internationalisation of higher education is thus inevitably influenced by national policymaking trends and political developments, particularly in such key areas as immigration regulations, promotion (or funding) of inbound and/or outbound student mobility programmes, and supportive legal frameworks for multilateral agreements.

This issue of Forum explores some of the ways that national-level policies and politics affect internationalisation in practice, and how the field of international higher education engages with political and policymaking processes to advance internationalisation objectives and agendas.

Table of contents

04 Editorial

05 Contributors

06 Navigating national internationalisation policies – Daniela Crăciun
Moving internationalisation from the periphery to centre stage

10 Stepping forward together – Maurice Cuypers & Arturo Segura
Overcoming national policies and politics with the help of partnerships

14 A national alumni strategy to stay competitive – Sandra Rincón & Suzanne Körmeling
A look at the Netherlands’ drive to retain international talent

18 When worlds collide – Benedicte Einarsen & Trym N. Holbek
How Norway is overcoming conflicting immigration and mobility priorities

22 New institution, big plans – Aliya Kaimoldinova & Madina Aitakanova
The case of Kazakhstan’s Nazarbayev University

25 India’s selective approach – Eldho Mathews & Zoë Marlow
Increasing quality by focusing on ‘Institutions of Eminence’

28 In conversation with Michael Ignatieff – Elise Kuurstra, EAIE
Rector and President of Central European University on academic freedom

32 China’s world class 2.0 initiative – Qi Wang
Improving China’s global capacity and emphasis on quality

36 A turning point for Taiwan – Chia-Ming Hsueh
Taiwan’s ‘New Southbound Policy’

40 A strategy for success: internationalisation in Argentina – Silvia Portnoy & Javier García Fronti
When government resources aid in significant progress

43 EAIE blog spot

44 Swiss institutions face outward – Michael O. Hengartner
The innovative university system of Switzerland

47 Events calendar

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