2014 Spring Forum: European-funded programmes

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    April 2014
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    • European-funded programmes

Theme: What's new in the EU?

With the launch of much-anticipated Erasmus+ programme, there are undoubtedly questions arising over the new, ambitious EU initiative. This issue explores key aspects of the programme, providing expert insights from the European Commission, national agencies, and higher education institutions.

Table of contents

04 Editorial – Laura Rumbley

05 Contributors

08 EU education & training timeline (*Editor's pick)
Key developments over the years

10 Erasmus+ going global – Graham Wilkie
Insights from the European Commission

13 Erasmus+ Key Actions
A quick reference guide

14 Who’s in?
Erasmus+ participating countries

16 In conversation with Sebastiaan den Bak – Sarah Fencott & Anna-Malin Sandström
Dutch policy adviser & European Parliament candidate

20 World reactions – John K. Hudzik, Thomas Buntru, Samia Chasi & Akira Kuwamura
What does Erasmus+ mean for those outside Europe?

22 Ambitious, impressive, practical? – Kathleen Van Heule
Views from an EAIE Board member

26 What about the students?
ESN considers a key stakeholder group

28 The new gatekeepers – Siegbert Wuttig & Anne Siltala
National Agencies on their increased responsibilities

31 Did Mundus lose its mojo? – Louise Simpson
Branding concerns under the new umbrella

32 EAIE Expert Community views – Marit Egner & Raimonda Markeviciene
EDC: What’s new for partners in the Global South? MOPILE: Good intentions, practical concerns

34 Foreign language focus – Jill Archer
Language support in Erasmus+

36 Industry-academe cooperation for innovation – Gudrun Paulsdottir & Anne Marie Healy
Key Action 2 in focus

39 Horizon2020 – Anna Groeninx van Zoelen
A university approach

43 On the waves of innovation – EAIE
Higher education in the Czech Republic

46 EAIE blog spot
Online news, views and insights

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