2012 Summer Forum

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    July 2012

This issue features an interview with American philosopher, Martha Nussbaum. EAIE Executive Director, Leonard Engel, discusses the motivations behind collaboration between higher education institutions and ‘Universal Design’ is highlighted.

Table of contents

02 Editorial – Michael Cooper

06 Member news
Essay contest; EAIE Elections

07 Books & websites

08 The future of digital student data portability – Herman de Leeuw
A ground-breaking seminar

12 Martha Nussbaum – Linda Johnson
An interview

16 What will you be talking about in Dublin – Laura Rumbley
EAIE Conference conversation starter

18 Charms of the Irish language
A literary journey

22 Successfully implementing a strategic internationalisation plan – Marina Casals & Ramon Ellenbroek
Challenges and advice

24 A new paradigm for international higher education – Joan McGuire & Femke ten Bloemendal (*Editor's pick)
Universal Design

28 Student initiatives for global health – Unni Gopinathan
A new voice

31 Gaining perspectives beyond higher education – Leonard Engel
Driving forces of cooperation

34 Talking head – EAIE
An interview with Steve West

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