2012 Spring Forum

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    April 2012
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    • Student experience

There is growing concern for student mental health. The importance of international alumni is discussed, along with a look at Irish higher education in light of the EAIE Conference in Dublin. Plus, find out how one man in Malaysia is working to create a 'humaniversity'.

Table of contents

02 Editorial – Michael Cooper

06 Message from the president – Gudrun Paulsdottir
A season of change

07 EAIE Academy review – Louise Stansfield
Breaking new ground

10 Channelling knowledge – Ingrid Gehrke
The SAFSA Mentorship Programme

11 Student mental health – Hans-Werner Rückert
A growing concern for universities

14 Internationalisation: a luxury or an opportunity? – Daniel Zavala
Mexican mobility in focus

16 Professor Dzulkifli Abdul Razak – Sarah Fencott
An interview

20 Africa: a new dawn of internationalisation – James Jowi (*Editor's pick)
Rising up to the challenge

22 Irish higher education
Lighting the fires of creativity

26 International weeks: the key to success – Dirk Van Waelderen
Top tips and an exemplary case study

29 International alumni matter – Philip Conroy & Sandra Rincon
Finding a way to connect

32 Lifecycle of international offices – Leonard Engel
To centralise or decentralise international efforts?

36 Why it’s probably not worth going to university any more – Mildred Talabi
Rousing views on the future of higher education

38 Talking head – EAIE
An interview with Pam Fredman

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