2010 Summer Forum

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    July 2010

This issue features a report on why universities should support socially-responsible entrepreneurs; tips for retaining students with a good customer relationship management system; and a report on the challenges of sustaining North-South partnerships.

Table of contents

02 Editorial – Michael Cooper

06 Member news
Editorial Committee vacancy, TESOL conference report and more …

08 Four cities, four events – Jana Nová
Professional Development Programme feedback

09 Books & websites

10 PS & SIG news

13 Polish your target – Justyna Giezynska
Arising recruitment opportunities in Central Europe

14 Open for busyness – Elise Kuurstra
An interview with the EAIE’s new Director, Leonard Engel

16 The SAINTs
Introducing Think Tank members, Q&A

18 My international calling – Peter Timmann
Reflections on a career in international higher education

20 Talking action – Vera De Hen
Editor-in-Chief of Groupe l’Etudiant shares his views

24 Language Extraordinaire – Philip Mustière
Preparing for Nantes

26 No dialogue, no progress – Bjørn Einar Aas
Furthering the development of Bologna

28 A higher crest – Piet Van Hove
The rise of social entrepreneurship

31 North–South divide – Henrik Secher-Marcussen & Britha Mikkelsen
An analysis of university collaboration

34 Retaining not replacing – Thijs van Vugt
Customer Relationship Management

36 Better safe than sorry –  Evelien Hack & Maureen Bergman
The discussion on health and safety continues

38 Talking heads – EAIE
An interview with Pierre Tapie

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