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Publications_Forum thumbs_2011 Spring.jpg

2011 Spring Forum

Publications_Forum-thumbs_2020 Spring.png

2020 Spring Forum: Digitalisation

Publications_Forum thumbs_2010 Spring.jpg

2010 Spring Forum

Publications_Forum thumbs_2011 Winter.jpg

2011 Winter Forum

Publications_Forum thumbs_2013 Spring.jpg

2013 Spring Forum: Technology

Publication_Forum thumbs_2009 Winter.jpg

2009 Winter Forum

Publications_Forum thumbs_2012 Spring.jpg

2012 Spring Forum

Publications_Forum thumbs_2010 Summer.jpg

2010 Summer Forum

Publications_Forum thumbs_2010 Winter.jpg

2010 Winter Forum

Publications_Forum thumbs_2017 Spring.jpg

2017 Spring Forum: Regionalisation

Publications_Forum thumbs_2012 Winter.jpg

2012 Winter Forum: Employability

Publications_Forum thumbs_2012 Summer.jpg

2012 Summer Forum

Publications_Forum thumbs_2011 Summer.jpg

2011 Summer Forum

Publications_Forum thumbs_2013 Summer.jpg

2013 Summer Forum: Social responsibility

Publications_Forum thumbs_2018 Winter.jpg

2018 Winter Forum: Unexpected internationalisation

Publications_Forum thumbs_2015 Summer.jpg

2015 Summer Forum: Strategic partnerships

Publications_Forum-thumbs_2022 Summer.png 1

2022 Summer Forum: Collaborative Europe

Publications_Forum thumbs_2014 Summer.jpg

2014 Summer Forum: Transnational education

Publications_Forum thumbs_2017 Winter.jpg

2017 Winter Forum: The Sustainable Development Goals

Publications_Forum-thumbs_2022 Winter.png

2022 Winter Forum: Universities and their communities

Publications_Forum thumbs_2016 Summer.jpg

2016 Summer Forum: Data in internationalisation

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