Uilleam Blacker: Ukraine through a literary lens

Ukraine through a literary lens Podcast

Amidst the devastating loss of life and physical destruction of Ukraine brought about by the Russian invasion, it’s easy to lose sight of the country’s less tangible assets, ie its multifaceted cultural heritage and deep literary tradition. 

Indeed, most Europeans, to whom the media coverage of the recent events has made Ukraine’s geography a familiar subject, know very little of its history and culture. To guide us through this multilayered story of languages, religions, politics and culture, this episode features the voice and expertise of Ukrainian literature expert Dr. Uilleam Blacker.

About Uilleam Blacker

Dr Uilleam Blacker is Associate Professor in Comparative East European Culture at University College London. He is an expert in Ukrainian literature and culture, and has also worked on Poland and Russia. His research interests are numerous: most recently, he has investigated how the massacres and deportations of World War II are remembered across Ukrainian cities, and how the war in Donbas is being represented in Ukraine (and beyond).

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