Robin Matross Helms: The USA regroups

Robin Matross Helms: The USA regroups Podcast

The past few months have been rich in extraordinary events for the USA. A global pandemic, nation-wide protests calling for racial justice, and one of the most divisive presidential campaigns in the country's history conjured up a perfect storm from which the USA is slowly re-emerging. Indeed, the challenges faced by American higher education institutions have been no less complex, with the looming threat of tightening immigration laws and growing suspicion towards China hampering their capacity to attract top international talent. 

Thus, when the American Council on Education convened online in March 2021 for its annual meeting, the landscape had drastically changed. In this episode of the EAIE podcast, we welcomed Robin Matross Helms to discuss how American higher education institutions have grown and evolved over the past year, as well as how these changes will reverberate in European institutions and the wider field of international education.

About Robin Matross Helms

Robin Matross Helms is Assistant Vice President for Learning and Engagement at the American Council on Education (ACE). Her portfolio includes the Internationalization Laboratory and Learner Success Lab, professional learning program development, and ACE's international research agenda. In her current role, Robin works with a broad range of institutions to gather and disseminate good practices for internationalisation. Her previous work in the international and higher education fields in roles spans across program management and consultancy for American universities and international organisations.

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