Nico Evers: International schools – pipelines and possibilities

Nico Evers: International schools – pipelines and possibilities Podcast

International schools, which cater to the needs of children who require or simply desire an international educational experience at the primary or secondary level, serve as natural feeders for students into higher education institutions focused on internationalisation. Episode ten of the EAIE podcast series explores some of the current work and perspectives of the Council of International Schools (CIS), a leading organisation in the international school community. Our conversation with Nico Evers, who serves as CIS’s Director of Higher Education Services, sheds light on the ways that the work and interests of international schools parallel closely many of the key concerns of international higher education professionals, highlighting compelling synergies.  

Discussions of internationalisation in higher education typically play out in isolation from what may be happening in terms of international education at the level of primary and secondary schools. Yet, in international schools around the world, there is a long tradition of educating younger students in highly internationalised settings and through internationally-oriented curricula. This has implications for higher education. Most immediately, graduates of international secondary schools are typically perceived as very welcome recruits into higher education institutions eager to cultivate an ‘internationalised’ student body. Beyond this, the commitments made by international schools to such issues as the cultivation of global citizenship may make them natural allies with their international higher education counterparts. Join us in conversation with Nico Evers to learn more about CIS’s work and its ongoing efforts to engage international schools and higher education institutions in mutually beneficial activities.

About Nico Evers

Nico Evers has served as Director of Higher Education Services at the Council of International Schools, based in Leiden, the Netherlands, since March 2020. There, he leads all aspects of higher education membership globally and its interface with schools. In his work, Nico draws on his experience as both a scholar and a practitioner. Prior to joining CIS, he served for nine years as Director of the Office of International Academic Relations and Professor of Global Internships at EARTH University in Costa Rica. He was a Senior Policy Officer for the Netherlands National Commission for UNESCO and a Policy Advisor, Project Manager, and Researcher in Knowledge and Innovation at Nuffic, the Netherlands Organisation for International Cooperation in Higher Education. Nico was also a graduate researcher at the American Council on Education-Center for Internationalization and Global Engagement in the United States, and a researcher at the University of Groningen in the Netherlands.

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