Nannette Ripmeester: A love letter to Rotterdam

A love letter to Rotterdam Podcast

After a successful EAIE conference in Barcelona last week, we’re now looking forward to the 33rd Annual EAIE Conference and Exhibition, taking place 26-29 September 2023 in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. The conference theme, ‘Connecting currents’, celebrates the maritime history of Rotterdam and embodies the importance of water to the city, providing economic opportunities as well as existential threats. Rotterdam is the gateway to Europe, a place where the river meets the sea, ships reach the shore and people from all walks of life come together.

In this episode of the EAIE Podcast, we talk with long-time EAIE member Nannette Ripmeester who has lived in the city of Rotterdam for almost 20 years and can help us learn more about this interesting place. We explore how someone born and raised in Amsterdam ended up in the rival city of Rotterdam, what makes Rotterdam interesting in relation to the field of international education, and generally what makes the city so special. Tune in to the EAIE Podcast to find out more!

About Nannette Ripmeester

Nannette Ripmeester is the Director of Expertise in Labour Mobility (ELM), a consultancy firm specialised in international labour mobility, and Director Europe & North America at i-graduate – a leading benchmarking organisation responsible for the International Student Barometer (ISB). She is considered an expert on global mobility trends and graduate employment. Nannette holds an MA degree from the University of Amsterdam, and has previously worked at the European Commission, where she was responsible for setting up the EURES database on living and working conditions in the EU Member States.

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Nannette's guide to Rotterdam

Glossary of terms and places mentioned in this episode

Boijmans van Beuningen – Art museum in Rotterdam which was permanently closed in 2019. However, its storage facility (i.e. depot) has been open to the public since 2021 and attracts many visitors.

Kunsthal – Exposition space in Rotterdam, hosting different collections and exhibitions.

Het Nieuwe Instituut – The Netherlands’ national museum for architecture, design, and digital culture.

Delfshaven – Picturesque yacht marina that is one of the few parts of the old city that survived the 1940 bombardment of Rotterdam.

Witte de Withstraat – Street in Rotterdam known for its broad offer of bars and restaurants.

Kapsalon – A fast food dish created in Rotterdam, consisting of a layer of French fries placed into a disposable metal take-away tray, topped with döner or gyro meat, covered with slices of Gouda cheese, and heated in an oven until the cheese melts. Then a layer of shredded iceberg lettuce is added, dressed with garlic sauce and sambal.

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