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Internationalising Film & Media studies Podcast

Who doesn’t like the movies, and don’t we all spend time every day pouring over media of different sorts? The world of film and media studies plays a key role in producing the professionals who make these resources and cultural artifacts possible – and it turns out there’s a European University alliance focused specifically on these fields: FILMEU. So, what’s driving film and media studies in Europe today? What are the strengths and challenges currently facing these fields? And how does a highly specialised European University alliance like FILMEU position itself in the complex, dynamic and competitive field of higher education in Europe? 

Our guest in this podcast episode is Manuel José Damásio, professor at Lusófona University in Lisbon, Portugal where he leads the Film and Media Arts Department and serves as Coordinator of FILMEU. He is also chair of the European Association of Film and Media Schools (GEECT). Manuel José provides us with the perfect lens through which to explore this culturally significant and quite internationalised field within the European higher education sector.

About Manuel José Damásio

Manuel José Damásio is a Professor at Lusófona University in Lisbon, Portugal where he leads the Film and Media Arts Department (DCAM) in addition to sitting on the management board of CICANT, the Centre for Research in Applied Communication, Arts and Information Technologies. He is also the Coordinator for FilmEU – The European University of Film and Media Arts. Manuel José Damásio holds a PhD in Communication and Multimedia Systems from Universidade Nova de Lisboa. He has worked extensively both in industry and academia as a trainer, consultant and producer in the audiovisual industry at European and international levels for more than twenty years. He also has experience as head researcher and project manager in several national and European research projects, along with being the author of more than 80 papers and chapters in international peer reviewed journals and publications.

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