John Delap: Working at the crossroads of access, equity and inclusion

John Delap: Working at the crossroads of access, equity and inclusion Podcast

In order to drive societal change, higher education institutions must first address internally those same problems they want to solve in the outside world. In order to enable all individuals to realise their full potential regardless of their physical, racial, and socio-economic backgrounds, universities must first of all ensure that all students can thrive.

Despite the progress made, access and inclusion still have a long way to go. In the latest episode of the EAIE podcast, we are joined in conversation by John Delap, Diversity and Inclusion Project Analyst at Princeton University, to discuss how higher education institutions can identify and remedy existing biases and inequalities.

About John Delap

John Delap is Project Analyst at the Office of the Vice Provost for Institutional Equity & Diversity at Princeton University. In his role, he supports the coordination of the University's development and implementation of institutional inclusion policy and data collection and analysis on diversity, equity and inclusion. Prior to joining Princeton, John worked in the Access and Civic Engagement unit of Technological University Dublin, as Project Manager with the European Students' Union, and as Senior Inclusion Policy & Project Officer with the Academic Cooperation Association. He holds a Bachelor’s degree from Vassar College and an M.Phil in International Peace Studies from Trinity College Dublin.

Further reading

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