Florin Zubascu: Tracking Europe's research and innovation agenda

Research and innovation policy in Europe Podcast

A lot has been happening in Europe within the field of research and innovation policy. Horizon Europe, European Universities alliances and science diplomacy are just a few of the programmes and topics that continue to grab the attention of the higher education sector. But how can we best describe the current state of the European research and innovation field? Which important developments should we be aware of and what does the future hold?

In the latest episode of the EAIE podcast, we sat down with Florin Zubascu to ask him some of these questions. Florin is Executive Editor at Science|Business, leading their news coverage on research and innovation policy in Europe. With the help of his expertise, we take a closer look at the opportunities and challenges within the European research and innovation field at this moment in time. Tune in to the EAIE Podcast to find out more!

About Florin Zubascu

Florin is Executive Editor at Science|Business, leading news coverage on research and innovation policy in Europe. Specifically,he covers EU R&D policy, the Horizon Europe programme, Europe’s ‘innovation divide’ and R&D policy reforms in central and eastern Europe. He has managed the Science|Business newsletters since 2014 and, in 2017, he helped implement a complete redesign of www.sciencebusiness.net. Previously, Florin worked as a political science researcher and web producer for various organisations and think-tanks in Romania and Hungary. He holds degrees in political science from Central European University in Budapest and Babeș-Bolyai University in Cluj-Napoca.

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