2022 EAIE Community Summit: Navigating change with purpose

Community Summit: Navigating change with purpose

Change: it’s a constant in our lives, a source of both excitement and concern, and it demands our attention like never before. How can we stay ahead of the curves generated by the key changes affecting our field today? And what will a career in international higher education look like in the next several years?  Surfacing solutions and stimulating enthusiasm to rise to the new realities of our time is at the heart of the programme for the 2022 EAIE Community Summit: Navigating change with purpose. Join us online on 10–11 March to plug into these timely conversations. And remember: EAIE members can register for free.

Day 1

Day 1 of the Community Summit will kick off with an inspirational opening address by Professor Hanne Leth Andersen, Rector of Roskilde University, who will provide a scene-setting perspective on current developments in European higher education, their implications for internationalisation, and our role as change agents within these dynamics.

Next, we’ll try our hand at future-scoping, with a live panel session dissecting the international education profession (and professional) of tomorrow. Together, we’ll pool our understanding around what we as individual professionals can do to help guide our institutions forward through significant change, and how we can best prepare for that role. We’ll also consider the ideal make-up of the international office ‘dream team’ in the coming years, and what this means for our own future careers and the field at large.

The afternoon session of Day 1 will focus on how to place wellbeing within our reach. Three simultaneous virtual campfires will allow participants to engage with facilitators and peers in discussions organised around three specific aspects of well-being: living, learning and the student experience (including a specific focus on diversity, inclusion and belonging); institutional approaches to supporting well-being; and mental health and resilience. These campfire sessions will provide extensive opportunities to share experiences, tips, resources, encouragement and more.

Day 2

On Day 2, our attention turns to the challenge of environmental sustainability. Our expert panel on this subject will consist of international education professionals, researchers on the environmental impact of internationalisation, and student activists. This session will give participants the opportunity to reflect on the challenges and opportunities we face in clearly understanding our field’s connection to the climate emergency and organising effective responses to it.

To conclude the programme, a substantive round-table discussion will offer fresh perspectives on the ideas and insights offered up by the Summit, sending participants forward from the event with clarity and purpose.

Making connections that matter

An exciting aspect of the EAIE Community Summit is the opportunity it will present to consider the topics at hand from both wide-angle and very personal perspectives. The morning sessions, featuring in-depth panel discussions, will be followed by the option to chat with the panellists and other participants in face-to-face ‘coffee corner’ gatherings. Meanwhile, our facilitated virtual campfire sessions will ensure that participants can interact and converse directly with their peers on the topics at hand.

Importantly, this year’s event will feature new and expanded opportunities to network and to learn about getting involved with the EAIE as a volunteer leader or a mentor or mentee. Our Day 1 Networking Reception will feature opportunities to mingle and connect directly with fellow participants and volunteers alike. We’ll also be hosting a session introducing the EAIE Mentorship programme as well as a session focused on volunteer opportunities within the EAIE on Day 2, followed by informal online networking lunches hosted by each of the EAIE’s Expert Communities.

Now in its third iteration, the 2022 EAIE Community Summit is set to deliver an energising and enriching two-day programme that’s not to be missed! Be sure to register by 08 March.