Frequently Asked Questions

Which positions are available?

The following positions on the EAIE Leadership are available:

  • Vice-President
  • Board (3 members)
  • General Council (14 members)
  • Expert Community Steering groups (1 Chair and 2-4 Steering group members)

What is the term of office?

The term of office for all elected posts is two years, and elections are held every two years. The term for the 2022–2024 leadership will officially begin on 16 September 2022 at the close of the 32nd Annual Conference and Exhibition in Barcelona.

When are the election deadlines?

The nomination period is 22 April–06 May 2022. The voting period is 30 May–10 June 2022.

Who can stand for election?

Any full-paid member of the EAIE may stand for election. Please view the profiles for each individual vacancy to see the criteria for each position.

Can someone stand for more than one position?

You may stand for a maximum of two positions, as long as you fulfil the profile criteria for both positions and indicate your preferred position in your election statement.

Who can make nominations?

Any full-paid EAIE member can nominate another member, and may also nominate themselves.

How do I make a nomination?

You can nominate yourself or a colleague by filling in the nomination starting from 22 April. The nomination period ends on 06 May. Please ensure that your nomination is supported in writing by a minimum number of other members:

  • Vice-President and Board: four current members, in addition to the proposer, from at least three different countries.
  • General Council and Expert Community Steering groups: two current members.

How many supporters does my nomination need?

Nominations for the Vice-Presidency and the Board must be supported in writing by four current EAIE members in addition to the person making the nomination, from at least three countries in total. Nominations for the General Council and Expert Community Steering groups must be supported in writing by two current EAIE members. The deadline to submit all letters of support is 06  May.

How can I submit an election statement?

Election statements are submitted through the election statement form on the page of the chosen role. For more information on what goes in the election statement, please read these guidelines. Nominees have to be logged in to MyEAIE to be able to submit their statements. The deadline to submit the election statement is 06 May.

What happens after I make my nomination?

All supporters should have sent their letters of support to the EAIE Office by 06 May. Each nominee is required to fill in an election statement by 06 May. You can submit your election statement for your chosen position here: Vice-President, Board member, General Council member, Expert Community Steering group Chair or member

The election statement must be written in accordance with the election statement guidelines.

Can Expert Communities endorse certain candidates?

Expert Communities may endorse nominees independently or jointly for the General Council positions through social media.

Can I share a position with someone else?

Any person wishing to share a position in an Expert Community Steering group (except the Chair), may be nominated for election as job-share candidates, and must appear on the ballot material together. In the case of a job-share, each individual should submit his/her own nomination and indicate the name of the job-share in the nomination form.

Job-shares are not permitted for any other positions.

How many candidates am I allowed to vote for?

Each EAIE member is entitled to one vote per position.

How do I vote?

The voting period is 30 May–10 June. You will be able to vote for your favourite candidates via a ballot form sent through to your registered email.

If you didn't find the answer to your question, do not hesitate to contact the EAIE Office.