Elections 2020

EAIE members can now cast their votes and choose the next EAIE leaders. The ballot is open until 24 April. Individuals are running for the 2020–2022 EAIE Leadership, including positions on the Board, General Council and Expert Community Steering groups. Thank you to all who have participated!

Voting period

Voting takes place online in the Member Centre. If you are already a member, log in to MyEAIE to find all the information about the candidates and the voting procedure.

Make your voice heard in four easy steps

Who will be the new faces of the 2020–2022 EAIE Leadership? It's up to you to decide!

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    Submit your nominations from 03–28 February

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    Ensure letters of support are submitted by 28 February

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    Vote for your favourite candidates from 06–24 April

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    Find out who's been elected in mid-May


As President-elect, the Vice-President serves on the Board, alongside the President and three other Board members, for two years before leading the Association as the President for another two years. The President concludes their mandate by sitting as the Immediate Past President on the General Council for two years.


There are three positions available on the Board. As an executive body, the Board is a group of innovative leaders consisting of the President, Vice-President and Board members. Together they guide the future of the Association by developing and implementing the strategy as approved by the General Council.

General Council

There are 14 positions available on the General Council. The General Council is a representation of the EAIE membership and ensures that the Association operates according to the best interests of its members. General Council members provide oversight for the long-term vision, budget and accounts of the Association.

Expert Community Steering groups

Fifteen Expert Communities provide state-of-the-art content and quality assurance for all of the EAIE's activities. Expert Community Steering group members represent EAIE member interests in specialised areas and work to create a sense of community among members. Available positions include the Chair and two to four Steering group members.

Not a member? Join us and choose the EAIE's future leaders!