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30 Mar 2017

Hashtag heroes: using social media to combat intolerance

Since the Brexit referendum passed in the UK in the summer of 2016 and the election of Donald Trump in the USA in November 2016, higher education institutions in both nations have launched social media campaigns aimed at welcoming international students. These campaigns spread messages of inclusion across the internet on YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn… Read more »

15 Feb 2017

Research digest for practitioners: February 2017

The February special issue of the Journal of Studies in International Education focuses in on global citizenship and global learning. The articles and authors critically analyse the concept ‘global citizen’, both the ambiguity of the term and how the term may only serve the Western world.  Global learning and citizenship take shape in various international… Read more »

21 Dec 2016

International higher education in 2016: the year in review

What a year 2016 has been! While the political and global environment that we operate in changes around us, our role in international education becomes even more important. As the year comes to an end, it’s timely to reflect on the hot topics and current events that have shaped our work in the internationalisation of higher education…. Read more »

30 Nov 2016

Research digest for practitioners: November 2016

The November issue of the Journal of Studies in International Education was recently published. The final issue of the year 2016 focuses in on such topics as: the use of social media by international students, international service-learning outcomes, and internationalisation at home programmes. In this blog post, you will find a short summary of each article,… Read more »

02 Nov 2016

The evolving culture of measuring internationalisation

Internationalisation of higher education continues to progress and become more embedded within higher education institutions. Measuring the process and activities is seen as a way to improve practices and ensure more comprehensive offerings. Many initiatives, both at the European and international level, have been developing ways to do this. This blog post outlines some of… Read more »

22 Sep 2016

Research digest for practitioners: September 2016

The September issue of the Journal of Studies in International Education offers an Asian flavour of studies, from China to Japan to an offshore Chinese university in Italy. The studies offer practitioners food for thought on such issues as international student satisfaction, English-medium instruction, international student services, and offshore campus developments. Below you will find… Read more »

05 Sep 2016

Imagine… the 2016 Conference Conversation Starter

It is almost time for the 28th Annual EAIE Conference in Liverpool – an occasion to step away from our day-to-day routine in order to focus on face-to-face meetings with international partners and attend sessions that encourage us to think beyond our regular practices. On the lead up to the conference, a three-part series on… Read more »

19 Aug 2016

Joint Programmes: the story of Erasmus Mundus

Joint programmes continue to be a hot topic in our field. So hot, in fact, that the EAIE has just launched its first ever Network on Joint Programmes. The European Commission recently released a new publication – Erasmus Mundus Joint Master Degrees: The story so far – featuring four policy papers that address the unique… Read more »

19 May 2016

Research digest for practitioners: May 2016

This month’s Journal of Studies in International Education addresses topic areas that are central to the field, including intercultural competence, barriers to study abroad and the student experience. Bridging research with practice is the main aim of the research digest. We hope this blog gives you a little teaser to entice you to explore the… Read more »