25 May 2022

Shanton Chang & Cat Gomes: International students’ digital experiences

International student's digital experiences


Over the last two years, the extent to which our students rely on digital tools for almost every single aspect of their studies, life and activities has become all too apparent to us. To two people down under, it didn’t come as a surprise.

Based in Melbourne, Australia, Professors Shanton Chang and Catherine Gomes investigate the digital experiences of international students, and what universities are doing and can do to create and maintain accessible and equitable digital environments. Now that we have been “pushed” into this overwhelmingly digital world, their expertise and insights can help identify areas of intervention to ensure better student experience, teaching, and learning. And it all started with two friends having coffee.

About Shanton Chang

Shanton Chang is a Professor in the School of Computing and Information Systems at the University of Melbourne, where he is also Associate Dean (International) at the Faculty of Engineering and Information Technology. His area of research is human information behaviour, and the use of information by organisations and businesses in the health and business domains and in the public arena.

About Catherine (Cat) Gomes

Catherine Gomes is Associate Professor and Deputy HDR (Higher Degree by Research) Coordinator in the School of Media and Communication at RMIT University. Her research investigates the evolving nexus between migration, mobility and digital media, with a special focus on transient migrants, especially international students. Her latest book is Parallel Societies of International Students in Australia: Connections, Disconnections, and a Global Pandemic.

Additional resources

For further insights into the topics touched on in this episode, the following resources may be of interest:

→ Journal of Studies in International Education: Special Issue on “The Digitalization of International Education”

→ Digital Journeys: A Perspective on Understanding the Digital Experiences of International Students


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