Mette Morsing: Business education and the common good

Mette Morsing: Business education and the common good Podcast

With Earth Day just around the corner, the climate and environmental crises have never been more relevant to the global political agenda and public debate. Collective mobilisation has acquired an unprecedented sense of urgency, as the scientific community warns us that only an adequate and immediate response can avert cataclysm. 

However, this is by no means the only challenge that mankind has to overcome, as reflected by the 17 Sustainable Development Goals: eradication of poverty and hunger, peace, access to resources, health services, and education are other crucial items in the list. With the stakes increasingly higher, the new generation of business leaders are being called upon to step up their game. How is international business education equipping future leaders with the necessary skills and perspectives, and what impact are they having on the sector? Join us in conversation with Professor Mette Morsing, Head of the Principles for Responsible Management Education (PRME) initiative at the UN Global Compact, as we discuss this and more in this week's podcast.

About Mette Morsing

Mette Morsing is Head of the Principles for Responsible Management Education (PRME) at the UN Global Compact in New York. Before this, she was the Mistra Chair of Sustainable Markets and Executive Director of the Mistra Center for Sustainable Markets at the Stockholm School of Economics, and a professor at Copenhagen Business School (CBS), where she founded the CBS Center for Corporate Social Responsibility. Mette Morsing is an expert in matters of organisation theory, management and communication in relation to corporate social responsibility and sustainability.

Further reading

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→ A. Rasche, M. Morsing & J. Moon, Corporate Social Responsibility. Strategy, Communication and Governance, London 2017.

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