The Office is the service provider for all of the strategic and operational activities of the Association. The Office is based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands and has 31 staff members from 16 countries.

Events Team

Head of Events: Holger Omlor
Senior Conference Programme Coordinator: Nicole Kaijser
Senior Events Coordinator: Anne Berrevoets
Training Coordinator: Carmen Martin
Events Coordinator: Sabrina Nielebock
Events Assistant: Anne Lotte Dekker

Professional Development & Policy Team

Head of Professional Development & Policy: Ruth Graf
Policy Officer: Anna-Malin Sandström
Senior Knowledge Officer: Ross Hudson
Knowledge Development Adviser: Leasa Weimer
Professional Learning Services Coordinator: Bianca van Vugt
Training Programme Coordinator: Sorana Damu

Marketing & Communications Team

Head of Marketing & Communications: Elise Kuurstra
Senior Communications Coordinator: Aurora Stobbelaar
Marketing Coordinator: Kyla Murphy
Marketing and Communications Assistant: Alina Dreve Wise
Member Engagement Coordinator: Sara Forestan
Editorial Coordinator: Mariah Tauer
Promotions & Sponsorship Coordinator: Katja Zaitseva
Graphic Designer: Nhu Nguyen
Graphic Designer: Kelly Sue Cram 

Finance Team

Head of Finance: Jacqueline Phillips
Financial Administrator: Orapan Nantachai
Finance Officer: Mei-Chih Chen
HR Coordinator: Libby Halevi

Operations Team

Head of Operations: Noemi Nagy
Events Registration Coordinator: Joseph Kerrigan
Systems Coordinator: Anthony Powell
Management Assistant: Anke van Brandenburg
Events Registration Assistant: Francesca Mesini