Cultural Intelligence essentials

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What's in store for you?

Release date: 25 November 2015

Cultural Intelligence (CQ) is a multifaceted type of intelligence with four key capabilities: motivation, cognition, meta-cognition and behaviour. CQ can be assessed and it can be developed. This webinar will explain what cultural intelligence is, why it is so relevant for students today, and examine how it can be incorporated into learning and professional development for students.

The webinar will draw upon case studies from three universities, considering why they are using the CQ model, and highlighting some shared pedagogical approaches for developing CQ with students.

Is this webinar for you?

This webinar is aimed at anyone with a desire or need to enhance students’ capacity to be effective in and with other cultures, either in a learning or work environment.

  • Professionals engaged with programmes aimed at enhancing the intercultural competencies of students who want to reflect on their practice and consider alternative approaches.
  • Professionals who are planning to incorporate learning that enhances the capacity of their students to be effective in diverse cultural contexts.

Learning outcomes

At the end of this webinar, you will:

  • Know what CQ is and understand its four capabilities
  • Have an awareness of why and how other practitioners are using the model to enhance student learning in the development of intercultural communication skills
  • Know when it is useful to consider using the CQ model and when other approaches may be more useful
  • Have discovered ideas and tools that can be used to enhance students' CQ


Practical details