Internationalisation at home: creating change at your university

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What you'll learn

Even experts in curriculum design can become overwhelmed while working to internationalise curricula. Common problems include misconceptions about internationalisation at home, incompatible aims across departments, limited control over policies and practices and working with a wide range of diverse stakeholders. This course will help you to address these obstacles and steer the process at your university. We will work on the why, what and how of an internationalised curriculum and on assessing the current state of play. The core of the course addresses leveraging your own position at your institution so that you can design effective strategies for internationalising curricula. We will also cover key planning elements like quality assurance, learning outcomes and monitoring progress, so your action plan can begin to take shape right in the classroom!

  • Leverage your own position to internationalise curricula
  • Set your own priorities for implementation
  • Draw up an action plan to implement at your home institution

How to get the most out of this course

This intermediate-level course is most suited to senior international officers, policy advisers, managers and quality assurance staff involved in developing international curricula in their higher education institutions. Come prepared to capitalise on the personalised focus and feedback from the experts and other professionals. 


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