The credential evaluator's toolkit: detecting fraud

What you’ll learn

The very best credential evaluators know how to quickly identify red flags that indicate a document is the product of a diploma or accreditation mill, what to do once fraud is discovered, and ensure that only students with legitimate claims move through the admissions process. In this course, professional fraud detectives will share all of their secrets. Using real-life document samples along with selected forensic tools, you will learn how to assess the quality of various document security features and spot telltale signs of fraud.

  • Practice forensic analysis on printed documents
  • Learn about various types of document fraud and the counterfeit industry
  • Understand legal considerations of document fraud prevention and detection

How to get the most out of this course

This course is designed especially for those who evaluate student documents – such as academic credentials, CVs, letters of recommendation or personal essays – as part of admissions processes.


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