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Gain the practical knowledge and skills you need to find solutions and overcome the challenges brought on by the global pandemic - learn, share and connect with the EAIE community! These interactive online training courses will help you focus on the priorities and give you the tools to implement strategies within your institution. The courses on virtual exchange and student mental health will be re-run, information will follow soon on upcoming dates. More timely online courses will follow, so stay tuned!

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Virtual exchange                                


This practical and hands-on course on 'Launching virtual exchange in your institution' will provide you with a comprehensive introduction to what virtual exchange entails and a clear overview of the different models and approaches available. Learn through case studies from existing projects and discuss best practices in breakout groups.

Student mental health and well-being


Through case studies, group discussions and practical exercises, this course on 'Providing effective responses to mental health challenges faced by international students' helps student-support staff develop the necessary skills to recognise mental health distress among students.