Overcoming the challenges of foreign credential evaluation

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What you’ll learn

There is no formula for evaluating foreign credentials: instead, we must make judgement calls that often impact the trajectories of people’s lives. This course will provide the knowledge, tools and practice you need to make the right call when challenges arise. You’ll learn all about procedures and concepts in credential evaluation, context on foreign education systems, the importance of accreditation and tips for detecting and combating fraud. Through case studies, you’ll practice applying the guidelines of the Lisbon Recognition Convention and gain insight into good practice through the shared experiences of other professionals. We’ll also help you develop a methodology that strikes a balance between applying good practice and coping with the pressures of the admissions office.

  • Enrich your knowledge of other education systems (particularly China and Brazil)
  • Work with actual cases to apply good practice and sharpen your instincts
  • Come away with valuable tools and resources, including an extensive course manual

How to get the most out of this course

This intermediate course will help all university staff responsible for evaluating foreign credentials, as well as study abroad advisers and recruitment officers, approach the issue of credential evaluation and recognition with renewed confidence. Much of the focus during the course will be on hands-on learning, so some preparatory reading will be requested in advance. You’ll also be invited to bring examples of cases from your own experience to share with the other participants.

This course has been offered previously under the title:  Your essential guide to evaluating foreign credentials.